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sabre sailboat

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sabre sailboat
sabre sailboat
need help buying a sailboat, one that can cross an ocean?

gunna buy a sailboat and i need help buying one dont tell me if i dont know whcih one to buy i shouldn't be sailing, i just dont trust all sailsmen. how big should it be, a schooner, what make and model. thanks as much information as you can give

You need an cruising sailboat.
If you want to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific you will need a sailboat at least 30 feet long or greater depending of the type of boat. You don't specify if you will travel single handed in this case the boat will need to be prepared for that purpose. The marked is full of new and old boats. The best sail plan for me is the cutter rig. Is similar to the sloop but with to head sails. This allow diversity of sails to run in different conditions.
This are some good cruising-offshore sailboats:

1 The Valiant 40. This is a double ended cutter boat built in the 70's and 80's in Texas and is famous for the performance in the open sea. They still produce boats of 42', 47' and 50'.
2. A Swan boat from Sweden. The variety of Swans is impressive. They have boat from 34' up to 90' new and old. The boats are beautiful and very fast but they are expensive.
The Malo and Najad boats from Sweden are also excellent boats.
3. The American boats Tartan and Sabre. They have a lot of sizes and are less expensive than the Sweden ones. You can find good used boats all around the US. Check the Tartan 37'.
4. Some production boats less expensive from Beneteau (French-American) and Bavaria (Germany) can do the work for you especially the ones over 40'.

Remember that some boats are made to race or cruise near the coast but not offshore. Boats like the Catalina, Hunter, J boats and smaller Beneteaus are not intendet to cruise an ocean.

If you want additional information check the Sail magazine.
www. sailmagazine.com.

No items matching your keywords were found.

No items matching your keywords were found.

Sail Rig

Sail Rig


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The Sea Eagle Sail Rig is portable! From car to water in about 10 minutes - Complete with a NeilPryde sail, mast, leeboards, brackets, rudder, sail rig bag and everything you'll need to sail your PaddleSki.

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1985 Sabre 32 Quick Walking Tour Part 2 Long

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