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Trawler Style Family

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Trawler Style Family
Trawler Style Family
Drawing or doodle ideas, just for fun?

I love to draw random things, and I know I can draw, and get better if I keep practicing.
but, when I do its like I cant think of WHAT to draw.. I have a friend who is very artistic, and has her own style of drawing. when I draw I have no idea. or I see one thing in my head. but when its time to draw, comes up like something else or 'wtf is that??!' and when I copy some other drawing comes out perfect, or get ideas from other drawings comes out the same.
but I dont want to copy, or trace anyones drawing, I guess I need help coming up with drawings of my own.. I know I can draw. but i gues I need to work on my creative mind =/

It's like I get stuck once I start... blank.

Any ideas? or tips, or something...... =/

- thanks.

In order to jump-start your creativity, here's my answer to a v recent Q [I'm providing the link so that I have space for the rest of my answer] :;_ylt=Av_3arUjN1VreB8Y_qnPGw_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20121021182053AAVg0PG

I'm listing categories & when you choose individual items from these categories, your list will become Huge ;-) )) Moreover, you can choose from various categories to make your drawing tell a "story".
And you can change the same drawing by using different media or by changing perspective, distance, lighting, angle, genre, etc.

- the sky [ day & night sky] -- sun, moon, clouds, stars, ......
- the elements - rain, fire, water, land, ....
- beaches - sand, oceans, surfers, shells, driftwood, tides, ...
- aquatic life - algae, whales, sharks, octopus, coral reefs, deep-sea divers, ....
- islands, boats, ships, nets, trawlers, anglers, ....
- still-life -- any & all objects at home, using different light sources & perspectives, shadows & reflections
- yourself, friends & family - portraits, caricatures, ....
- nature from your window -- trees, neighborhood, lawns, birds, ....
- animals, including pets
- birds
- plants, trees, flowers, bees & butterflies.....
- humans performing various activities – series of dancers eg.
- transport systems - bus, car, train, plane, spaceship, UFO, ....
- architectural marvels, buildings, sheds, ....
- dreams & fantasies
- mythical & mythological forms/creatures
- mountains, rivers, landscapes, .....
- anatomy
- any congregation of people/animals like circus, zoo, fair grounds, etc.
the list can go on & on ;-)

you can change the same sketch by
- drawing close-ups, or 'long-shots'
- drawing realistically, in cartoon form or as fantasy forms
- changing the light source, direction & intensity, including night-time
- drawing only outlines or including shading & shadows [2-D v/s 3-D effect]
- using different types of pencils, charcoal, ..... &/or colors - water, oil, acrylic, crayons, pencils, glitter, glass paints, mosaic-work,....
- changing the perspective & angle
- using surrealism, cubism, abstract forms... ....
may be you can go wild ;-) ) use diff techniques & media - including pastels, crayons, oils, cut-n-paste, mosaic, cartoon-drawing, symbolism, etc....
- check out old greeting cards, magazines, net images, comic books, etc. to get some ideas. use these ideas to create your own drawing.
- you could make a 'series' of any one thing. different ways of going about it :
eg. flowers - have 15 different types of flowers in the 15 drawings;
or, have the same flower [eg. rose] but depicted in different ways - eg. in close-up, in a garden, with a bee humming over it, as a bouquet, in a dried-petal arrangement [glued] along with dried leaves/herbs, & so on;
or, each life-stage of a flower;
or you could change the light source, light intensity, colors [from black n white to monochrome to multicolored]

AND generate random ideas for free -- this site has a weekly (or more frequent) “Picture of the Day” -- 149 ideas for a sketchbook -- use these “challenges” to create your own versions &/or think up similar challenges for the future. -- 1000 random things for sketching

You can Combine 2 or more prompts/ideas to create New versions :-)

No items matching your keywords were found.

No items matching your keywords were found.

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