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porpoise sailboat

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porpoise sailboat
porpoise sailboat
Need Part For Porpoise II Sailboat?

I need a part for my Porpoise II sailboat made by Michigan Fiberglass and Plastics in Holland, Michigan. This boat is identical to a sunfish in almost every way. I need the pin that connects the rudder to the boat. I thought I would look on a sunfish website, but the sunfish part has something to do whit springs. Plus just by looking at the part it didn't look right (my part is just a solid metal pin but there's seems to has little carved out parts in the pin). Please help, I don't want to have to through my boat out because of a little pin.

you can replace your rudder pin (pintle) with a 1/4-20 6" stainless steel Panhead bolt. you can carefully drill a small hole in the threaded end to palce a cotter key or pin to keep the pintle from comming out.

info on your porpoise rudder etc.

sunfish replacement parts

pintle pin (sunfish) lower price

hope this helps

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Sail Rig


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Hookah Kings February 22, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Hey, anyone know how to sail a sailboat? I have an old 1970′s Super Porpoise sailboat that I found lying against our boathouse. It has been there for years but I just recently noticed it. I have found all the components needed to sail, but don’t know how to sail. This boat is very similar to the Sunfish. Instead of having two seperate sailes and a mast in the center, it just has one huge sail that is held up by a mast and it has a rutter in the back that you control. This isn’t your typical sailboat that has a steering wheel or a trolling motor, this is pretty bare bones. I also could use advice on where to buy replacement parts, specifically a sail. All of the parts work, but they are 30 years old at least (one of the old license stickers is dated 1976) and the sail has seen better days. I am affraid the sail probably won’t last a very long time. The only two parts I am concerned about right now are the sail and the rings to hold the sail on, and I guess the seal between the boat,…

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