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phrf sailboats

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phrf sailboats
phrf sailboats
How do you use PHRF ratings for multiple sailboats in a race?

I know how to use it for two boats, but I can't see how to use it for more than two boats.

Any performance handicap system is designed to allow boats of different 'abilities' a reasonable chance of winning a race on a corrected time compared to the leading boat. The performance handicap racing fleet ratings system (that's a mouthful if you're in a hurry!) is used to allow boats of completely different classes and types to compete on the same race course, again with a reasonable expectation that any boat could win the day based on the corrected time.

When setting a course and running races involving several classes on the same course the P.R.O. will adjust the ratings to ensure the boats are competitive with each other, as rig modifications and the course conditions themselves often advantage different boats.

I favour working handicaps from near the centre of the fleet, say boat 5 out of 11, or boat 10 out of 20 - this pulls the last boats forward, and the lead boats back, and often reflects a little better on the last few boats when you have National Champions sailing against raw beginners!

I can say that Sailwave is very nice free software for working out this type of thing, but that we as a club have used TopYacht for running all weekend, State and National championship for many years now, and particularly recommend it as extremely good - our results are never questioned regardless of the class or numbers of boats - we have run National classes approaching one hundred boats, and State teams sailing regattas exceeding 300 individual races with excellent and completely transparent results.

This may help you specifically with PHRF definitions and method:-

Good luck.

No items matching your keywords were found.

No items matching your keywords were found.

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