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jetboat tours
jetboat tours
Where to go in niagara falls (american side)?

Its mine and my girlfriend's 3rd year anniversary and I booked us a room at niagara falls for two nights to be romantic. We leave in 3 days on the 22nd. Then I realized that the gambling age is 21 when i thought it was 19, and sadly we're 20 years old. So I'm just wondering what we can do at night and in the afternoons thats fun or romantic. Thank you =)

You can still partake in some activities in Niagara Falls, NY at the Seneca-Niagara Casino. Grab lunch or dinner there. The lunch buffet is something like 14 bucks, so it's not breaking the bank.

They also have spa services, if I recall correctly.

If you've got transportation, you could head down to Niagara Falls Boulevard and Military Road and go shopping. There's a Regal Cinemas on N.F. Boulevard just off the 190. (Look up maps of Niagara Falls.) Check out the Factory Outlet Mall that is nearby on Military Road. (It's got a lot of stuff there, if you like shopping. Plus, there's a great little Greek food stand there, too.)

There's also a small theater behind Big Lots nearby, called the Four Seasons Cinema. They show second-run movies (i.e. movies that have been out for quite a while and are no longer in major theaters) for $4.50 a ticket. (Not like the Regal, but two people can go for the price of one and it's something to do.)

There's an Aquarium near to the Casino, too (a few blocks away). It has shorter hours, but it's always fun to look at the aquatic animals. No, it isn't like some major city aquariums, but it is cute and something to do.

Hard Rock Cafe is nearby, too, and there's always something neat going on there. There's supposed to be some kind of lecture series there on Saturday, but I don't know much about it.

Don't forget to visit the Falls, too! It'll be quite chilly this weekend, though, so be prepared for it. It can be colder or warmer by the water, but it's going to be really, really cold this weekend. You can walk through the State Park, and walk right up to the shore of the River, but it will be VERY chilly. It is pretty in the summer, so I would imagine that it is also pretty in the winter.

If you ever come back during the summer, I'd recommend the Maid of the Mist, the Cave of the Winds, and the Whirlpool Jetboat tours, but those are (thankfully) closed until late spring.

If you have passports or enhanced driver's licenses, you can always visit the Canadian side of the border. There's LOTS to do over there, but you need proper documentation to get in. Just don't get a DUI/DWI, and don't come BACK over the border intoxicated. Getting to Canada is easy; getting back from Canada is often problematic because they're treating you like a criminal. (I do it all the time, I know.)

The gambling age is actually 18 in New York State, however, the Seneca-Niagara Casino requires you to be 21 because there is alcohol served on the floor. If you are able to, there are other gaming casinos run by New York State in Batavia (about an hour and a half away) or Hamburg (South of Buffalo).

Here's a website that can help you out for things to do:

That's the main site, but here's the Attractions page:

There's a lot to do, even in the winter. I've lived in this area my whole life, and I can often be found hanging around the outlet mall or the movie theaters on weekends. I occasionally visit the Casino, too.

No items matching your keywords were found.

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