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hinkley yachts

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hinkley yachts
hinkley yachts
Can I have some help with Martha Stewart?

Okay, I am doing a project on Martha Stewart and I want to know what her main careers are. I can't find a website that directly states what her careers are. So, can anyone help me?

YOu might check out this site.
It's hard to get areal picture of martha as everything about her is for sell:).

basically Mrtha is the most famous Cook on earth, a very smart lady who woith her own talents, , good looks, and intelligence turned a small Farm House into a multi billon dollar empire.
Martha is as I said a Cook, Actress, Business person, Tv personality, and
Chef, gardener, publishing mogul, business entrepreneur, and reality TV star. Meet the unstoppable Martha Stewart, the multi-millionairess who can turn a shrub into a garden of Eden, a small gathering into a black tie event and a work-related hazard into a multi-million dollar profit. She's smart, rich and utterly fabulous. See how the queen of good taste spends her loads of dough and find out why, no matter what befalls her, Martha always comes out on top.

In 1971, a burgeoning young caterer bought a rundown Connecticut farmhouse. Over 30 years later, that farmhouse is worth over $2.6 million and that caterer is one of the most powerful women in business with a portfolio of property across the East coast. From the Hamptons to Maine to Bedford, New York, Martha is the master of all her mega-mansions.

But when it comes to making major decisions, there's an elite few who really call the shots: her pets. Before Stewart purchased her $400,000 Hinkley yacht, she brought her two chow chows on board to assess the boat. She even had it painted to match one of her hen's eggs.

Martha built her empire from the ground up and it keeps on going up. In 2004, the value of her 30 million Omnicom shares skyrocketed to $650 million. And in 2005, she's only going to get richer. Martha and Apprentice creator Mark Burnett are teaming up for a groundbreaking new reality show.

No items matching your keywords were found.

No items matching your keywords were found.

Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon

List Price: $65.00



Celebrating more than eighty-five years of the prestigious yacht company, Hinckley Yachts traverses decades, oceans, and seas, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of the ultimate boating experience...

The Hinckley Guide to Yacht Care : How to Keep Your Boat the Hinckley Way The Hinckley Guide to Yacht Care : How to Keep Your Boat the Hinckley Way

List Price: $26.95



Hank Hinckley's beautiful book covers day-to-day care, varnishing and painting, fiberglassing, mechanical and electrical systems, rigging, interior design, upgrades and improvements, the shipboard tool kit, and hull and deck maintenance...

Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida (Cruising Guide Series) Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida (Cruising Guide Series)

List Price: $34.95



Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida is the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive source for details on the facilities and waters of the Sunshine State's eastern shore, from Fernandina Beach to Miami.

The Hinckley Cottage at River Dunes

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Mazama September 28, 2010 at 9:15 pm

The oddest part of this story to me was 94 year old David Rockefeller commissioning a $3 million boat because “Hinckley Yachts and its workers certainly needed the order — and providing them with work was part of Mr. Rockefeller’s motivation, his spokesman said.”

This sounds dumber to me than Nancy and Barack’s Excellent Stimulus Adventure.

A large amount of Mr. Rockefeller’s money will go to the PE firm’s overhead and debt service and materials supplies from who knows where and never get to any Hinckley employees. For $3,000,000 he could have given every one of the 320 laid off employees about $9,000 and actually done them all some good. Plus they would have spent a lot of the money in local businesses.

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