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bluewater houseboats

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bluewater houseboats
bluewater houseboats
Can you take a house boat to open seas?

bit of a silly question but I have been looking at Static house boats that have engines (well most of them do) I have seen a few there that I like but could you take this house into the sea? I mean basically its plastic box with another plastic box on top of it, plonked on something that can float? just want to know can you drive them away from shore throw the anchor down and stay there for a few days? or is the sea to rough away from shore? and what about wind because it can get real windy out in open seas will it capsize? Thanks in Advance

Open Ocean, Seas (Named) even Bays (named) can be very rough. There are many houseboats that are barely sea worthy, for use on lakes or even underway for that matter. There are few that can be used (underway) on good days, where there isn't threading weather. Provided wave and tidal conditions are minimal.

Many houseboats are barely safe at the dock.

On the other hand there are some very nice large house boats available for rent on some pretty large lakes in a few of the Western States, like Arizona, Nevada and California. I know of many other clusters of house boats in places like Lake of the Ozarks.

So, there are house boats that can be used as long as the conditions are safe.

Edit. I have thought about this for a bit. In the past, I've been aboard 2 House boats that where in the Atlantic Ocean. Once off Jacksonville Florida, and once Just South of Miami. and in addition I was aboard a Holiday Mansion off Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. One was a 52' Bluewater with twin 454's the other was a Holiday Mansion Coastal Barracuda Wide Body with twin 4.3L Volvo/275 engines. In both cases we where no more than 10 miles out, and in seas of 2 ft. or less. We where underway for a good part of the day. Was it safe? Yes, I considered it safe, but admit to checking the radar and weather forecast often . (Both had Radar which is unusual for these Houseboats, I don't know why they where equipped with radar .

I've also been on several similar house boats, on Chesapeake Bay in rougher conditions. They where certainly sea worthy. Once the waves where throwing spray from the bow of a 45 Bluewater, pretty high.

The point is, that I'm not so gloom and doom as many of the other answers suggest. There are at least 6 of these Boats within sight of my boat as I write this. One Bluewater and 5 Holiday Mansions

In the hands of an experienced boater, they would be reasonably safe.

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